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It is getting so old! to think of the many times we have to hold other agents’ hands through a real estate transaction just because we want to do the best for our clients who need deals to work out.   We totally understand that the real estate market is tougher than it has ever been and we expect deals to be more difficult, but how many agents are out there that are clueless about their job?

Yes, this is a rant – it’s about education and industry requirements that don’t mean much.  Maybe it should be left to each broker to hold a certain standard – how about a mentorship or a shadowing program?

We just placed an offer for a property in Miami (we represent the buyer), where the listing agent does not even speak English!  She gave us the client’s bottom number, she had never even heard of seller’s disclosures and now wants us to explain the process to her client.  (SIGH)

So what is the solution here?

Reporting these people to the board has not helped in the past – the particular agent from the above transaction is super nice and has good intentions, but there are several facts-

  • she does not deserve to make her full commission when we are doing our job and hers
  • she is doing her client a disservice and violating fiduciary information
  • she is making our industry look even worse than it already does

It almost sounds like a broken record – EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION!! I may talk down to big companies like Coldwell Banker at times because of their non-flexible policies and lack of vision but I can honestly say that at least they do their part in making their agents go through a thorough hands-on training before they let them hit the streets.  They also have managers waiting to answer questions and check on transactions and their agents regularly.   So if education would be  followed by a system of checks and balances where someone (broker) is responsible for overseeing these agents when they first start practicing – the problem would be reduced by a landslide.

….that’s my humble opinion of course – rant finished… continues.

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