Is your Realtor a Bully?

Warning! bringing back some old articles this week – enjoy! Miami Beach Realtor Bullies

Did you hire a REALTOR BULLY?

Do you know if the Miami Realtor you hired is a bully?  Have you even thought that this could be possible?  Maybe you are aware of it and think it could be advantageous “if they are bullies, it could mean that they will know how to negotiate a deal and work for my best interest!” – think again Realtor Bullies only care about themselves, their bottom dollar, how much inventory they have and what their quotas are.  They don’t care about you and your property, quite the contrary, they will guide traffic to other listings of theirs if they think it will benefit them more.  They won’t care about business ethic and they will put up quite a front. These bullies are all around us, doing business for years and no one reports them to the ethics commission because it can hurt you more in the long run.  They cheat other agents from their commissions, they cheat clients from making more money and they are around to stay.

REALTOR Bullies go unreported and are all around us

The stories I hear at the Miami Shores Tot Lot sometimes make me cringe.  I always ask people why they didn’t take their time to report them to the board and it’s always the same answer – “we moved on and did not want to bother with it.”  We’ve experienced their tactics first hand and it is always so disheartening but makes total sense why the real estate industry has such a bad reputation.

REALTOR murder? Really?

We were recently hired by a couple that told us they hated Realtors and would speed up at an intersection if they knew the person crossing the street was a Realtor….OUCH!!  We told them not all in the industry were bad and we would prove it.  Yesterday we received a note saying:  “We are really grateful for everything you’ve done and you were right, not all Realtors are the same”. So please don’t be tricked into hiring a REALTOR BULLY – do your homework, ask around and make sure you know how they handle business – you may be surprised how many of them are out there. POSTCRIPT:  almost forgot the most important part – why should you ultimately avoid Realtor Bullies?  Because people avoid bullies like they do the plague.  Other agents will not want to show their properties, or subject their clients to their badgering, will not want to do business with them and will avoid dealing with them – not good if you are trying to sell or buy a property….just food for thought. **published September 30th, 2009

5 thoughts on “Is your Realtor a Bully?

  1. While I am not in the real estate industry, and not in the market currently, we do share that we are both highly experienced salespeople.

    Likewise, I do not need to be involved in the industry in order to recognize and appreciate a well-written article of value.

    Muchissimas gracias, como siempre.

  2. Thank you Keith – it will be followed up by a sarcastic article on Monday on Agent Genius that should at least add some humor into this very serious and upsetting situation

  3. You are so right. At least once a week I look at my phone and think “No, you didn’t just say/do that.” Realtor, actually all bullies do us all a disservice. They reflect badly on each and every one of us while they water down the integrity of the business.

    One of the big bullies around here is out of the selling side of the business due to the downturn. He never had a single repeat customer. So even though he sold thousands of homes, no one came back to him when things got sideways. He’s selling insurance now.

    I look forward to your article on Agent Genius.

  4. You hit the nail on the head. I have a Realtor bully in my area. Everyone hates him because he is self described “arrogant pompous bastard.” The Realtor community won’t show his listings and now thanks to the internet and various review websites, past clients are having justice and leaving not so flattering reviews. Bottom line: you treat people like garbage it will come back to bite you in the end. When you provide great customer service and actually care about the client instead of your wallet, you’ll have an army of people who recommend you and will do anything to help you.

  5. Valerie – the bullies in my area have been doing business for years and still get tons of repeat business. They bully other Realtors and most of the time, the clients never find out how others have absolutely no respect for them. I say it will catch up to them….or not (ultimately, the client suffers).

    Walter – amen to Internet and Social Media transparency – the consumer has so much more power and some are showing their true colors. I value the educated consumer that does research and goes out of their way to find out how things work.

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