Another Forbes List! WOOT to Miami for making Most Expensive American Cities

I really love Forbes, really.

Miami recently made Forbes Most Miserable Cities List and now made it to Most Expensive American Cities List.  Maybe luxury and misery go hand in hand … hmmm.  Take a look at what Mark Riddix from Forbes says:

Imagine living on the warm, sunny beaches of Hawaii–or maybe you would prefer the majestic setting and ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado. While these idyllic locations are great places to put down roots, living there doesn’t come cheap. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular (and costly) places to live.

Here’s the order:

1.  New York City, NY

2.  Los Angeles, California

3.  Honolulu, Hawaii

4.  Aspen, Colorado

5.  Juneau, Alaska

6.  Miami, Florida

And yes, New York also made it to the Miserable lists – so I say we do a New York/Miami Expensive Misery Party to celebrate.  Seriously, the lists are totally not related (they say),  and in the words of the author,

As you can clearly see, happiness does not come cheap. While these places may be great to visit, living there on a full time basis could leave you flat broke.

I’m thinking Miami and New York will not make the best cities to visit 🙂 But we did get a little love in the fashion, celebrity and real estate departments.

MIAMI – “The Magic City” is well known globally for its culture, fashion and entertainment. With stars like Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and Lenny Kravitz calling Miami home, the city has become the “it” place to live. Miami has not only increased in popularity over the past decade, but in price as well.

As the sixth most expensive city in the U.S., you will definitely pay for the beautiful waterfront property and the vibrant nightlife. Miami housing prices have dropped recently, but prices for groceries and public services are still sky high.

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