Miami Shores annual Marshmallow Drop … continued

In a post entitled Miami Shores annual Marshmallow Drop , I started telling you about an incredible Miami Miami Shores Marshmallow DropShores event that takes place every year in the recreation fields, the Saturday before Easter.

“The Marshmallow Drop is an event every kid in Miami Shores looks forward to, no matter the age (I am so glad that I have the perfect excuse to be a part of it since I have kids).   Every year, the Saturday before Easter, a helicopter will drop over 10,000 marshmallows over the Miami Shores Recreation fields.”

The ANNUAL MARSHMALLOW DROP took place today, April7th, at 9:30 AM and as promised, here are some photos as well as video of the event.

The first video shows the helicopter hovering above the crowd dropping marshmallows all over the field. The second video shows all the kids running out to the fields to retrieve the marshmallows and then exchange them for a goodie-bag (keep in mind that the lucky finders of the “GOLDEN MARSHMALLOWS”, get a special prize!).


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e photos of the event.  My oldest son was so determined to get a “golden marshmallow” this year and he did!  This is the first time one of my kids gets the cherished prize.

Miami Shores FL - Marshmallow Drop Marshmallow Drop - golden Marshmallow

Miami Shores Marshmallow DropGolden Marshmallow Prize

Lastly – I had to show you the prize you get when you find the Golden Marshmallow.

Miami Shores Marshmallow Drop - giving out prizes Miami Shores Easter event
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