Miami Shores Real Estate Trends: November 2023 Market Analysis and Insights

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How is The Miami Shores Market Doing? Compared to a year ago?

There are currently 48 homes for sale: (compared to 60 a year ago in November

  • Highest priced listing is $7,770,000 for the new construction at 1275 NE 93 St with virtual replica NFT and own parcel of land in Social Business Lifestyle Metaverse of Alpha City – with 6 bedrooms / 6.5 bathrooms, 6,438 Sq.Ft. on 12,975 dry lot (non-waterfront) – listed at $1,207/Sq.Ft (and seller accepts ETH) 
  • Lowest priced listing is $789,900 $771,500 for the 3/2 at 152 NW 103 St ($599/Sq.Ft. $585/Sq.Ft.)
  • Pending Sales (properties under contract): 12 (compared to 15 a year ago)
  • Median Sales Price in November: $1,250,000 (compared to $1,159,000 in November of 2022)
  • Closed sales in November: 9 (compared to 5 in November of 2022)

What is the average price per square foot in Miami Shores?

The average sold price per square foot in Miami Shores in November for homes not on the water was $637 compared to $546 a year ago. Previous averages as follows:

  • October’s average $661
  • September’s average $673
  • August’s average $669
  • July’s average $631
  • June’s average $621
  • May’s average $662
  • April’s average $600
  • March’s average $594
  • February’s average $604
  • January’s average $688
  • 2022’s average of $589

There were no Miami Shores waterfront homes sold in November of 2023 or November 2022. Previous Miami Shores waterfront averages as follows:

  • October’s average – no sales
  • September’s average $1,708 (one sale)
  • August’s average – no sales
  • July’s average $1,294 (one sale)
  • June’s average – no sales
  • May’s average – no sales
  • April’s average – no sales
  • March’s average – no sales
  • February’s average $652 (lake front – non-navigable)
  • January’s average $534 (one sale – non-navigable)

Miami Shores Real Estate Micro-Stats

Feel free to download our complete market report for the last 12 months, showing micro-stats for Houses for Sale Miami Shores 

Miami Shores real estate market report via miamism
  • Seller’s Market with 3 months of inventory
  • Price-range moving the most continues to be between $1-1.5 Million
  • Average sold price is $1.2 Million
  • 93% of all deals are CASH
  • 94.8% of all buyers do so as primary residents (homestead and live in their homes)
  • Buyers are not only domestic, but coming from Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil and France.
  • We are starting to see seller’s consessions averaging $11,000 (between $500 and $37k)


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