The Miamism Mojito Revolution

We have received the Ultimate Compliment here at Miamism – Jeff Turner, bka @respres @jeffturner has not only gotten hooked on Mojitos, but actually tried making them from scratch and shot a video of himself doing it!  This is the same guy that came up with giving…

Mojito alternatives for those of us that are not as “adventurous” and a bit “lazy” and don’t feel like making mojitos from scratch


That’s what I call MIAMISM LOVE!!  Doesn’t get any better than that!

13 thoughts on “The Miamism Mojito Revolution

  1. I loved respes’ video and now I want a mojito … but have no ingredients. Need to come up with a special mojito for those living in Western North Carolina!

  2. Mana – I’m sure Rocky and Jeff would welcome your visit – I would be very jealous though!

    Chris – Those West Coasters are pretty sharp …..they learn quick! 🙂

    Brendan – my kids laughed at the lack of tools – we suggested using a hammer handle and even a broomstick……Jeff managed to do just find without them though!

    Susie and Thesa – Just plant your own mint and your troubles will be solved.

    Monika – WHAT??!!!! and to think we were so close in Orlando and could have at least tasted one! Come on down to Miami and i’ll have Rick prepare one specially for you.

  3. this is stupid…what am I reading? better homes and gardens. Going RIGHT back to That’s a blog…this is small time —wannabe.

  4. Potential Consumer – you keep coming here and leaving derogatory comments – it is your choice NOT to read. We are sorry you do not enjoy our content, but it is who we are.

    We have found that mojitos can take the edge off of any situation – give it a go….you may be surprised.

  5. That clip was awesome — I learned more from it than any receipe book and am sure I will use it. The Bartender was darling — what a guy!!

  6. Jeff is the greatest and I know Monika and I have all the ingredients here in NH so I will have to replay Jeff’s video. But, of course, we still would love to come back to So. Florida. ASAP

  7. I’ll be waiting Moni!

    Kappy – it helps to have a visual, doesn’t it? And the fact that “the Bartender was darlin” doesn’t hurt LOL

    Jay – you BETTER come down again soon….we can get together and have some REAL MOJITOS! 😉

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