One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid

I’ve already talked to you about One Thousand Museum Condo by Zaha Hadid and how it is one of Miami’s sexiest condos ever.  But now you need to take a look at One Thousand Museum’s Promo Video just because it is so well put together.

This is what I had to say:

Let me start by saying that having a Zaha Hadid residential tower in Miami is a BIG deal.  You may not even know that Zaha is one of the most prominent women architects in the world, and may not care that One Thousand Museum will be Zaha’s first residential tower in the US.  But at least you will know why the boo-ha-ha behind this new condo project.  As a matter of fact, you don’t have to be a fan of Zaha Hadid’s architecture and encourage you to tear the project apart (what would architecture be without criticism and controversy?)…


One Thousand Museum opportunity

This project is currently in pre-construction and will break ground in the next few months. Condo Name:  1000 Museum Architecture:  Zaha Hadid Neighborhood: Miami Airlines Arena Area – Downtown Miami Location: 1000 Biscayne Blvd- Miami Contact: Let us know what you think of the project, from design to location and pricing.  One Museum Park is a one of a kind opportunity in Miami’s real estate scene.  Remember that we are Miami REALTORS and out team is ready to help you with your condo purchase. Call us for details 305.758.2323 or

3 thoughts on “One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid

  1. What could we design with a gazillion dollars? haha!

    By the way…I have a new even greater appreciation for Zaha. During the panel presentation with Frank Gehry this month at The Young Arts Foundation, she kept saying “we” when she talked about her projects – the fact that she acknowledged a team and put that so well known “architect ego” aside, was HUGE in my book.

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