Throwback Thursday – Gutsy Miami Real Estate Moves #TBT

I was recently interviewed by Orlando Montiel for his Miami Real Estate Show because we were early adopters of Social Media and one of the first team to capitalize on Internet marketing.  During the interview I remembered this article I wrote back in 2007, and thought it was really appropriate, even 8 years later! One thing I forgot to mention in the interview that I will mention now – The power of each of our businesses consists on reciprocation:  the more you give and help, the more you get back.  Please don’t forget this, no matter what industry you are. I leave you with the article. Sometimes you just have to go for it without even looking back. Competitors are all doing the same thing for years and seeing no results. So what makes us different in this difficult changing Miami Beach real estate market? The fact that we do the unexpected without being afraid of going against the grain and being regarded as non-conforming. I don’t know about you, but anytime I want something done right no matter the industry, I look for those with background, with personality, with stance. I look for those people that follow through, with high standards and the same high expectations as we have. The Internet is a powerful medium. Today’s consumer is educated and knows how to utilize the correct tools. Our best real estate clients are those that use these tools and contact us to help them reach their goals. They are open to using technology and to seeing a new approach. It’s not about ego, its about confidence and professionalism… And it doesn’t hurt that we like what we do. And thankfully, the DIVA COMPLEX is no longer appreciated! Good luck to all those jerk agents that think they are better than the rest, the consumer no longer admires your obnoxious standards. Side Note: and its team have since become internationally recognized, with a lot of hard work, and a lot of great clients that have entrusted their properties and lifestyle decisions to us. THANK YOU!

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