What do Miamiams do in the Summer?

Go ahead and admit it, you are thinking about moving to Miami but keep dreading the Summer Heat.  How will you ever cope with all the humidity and weather in the 90’s?  Treat this as a commercial if you have to, but I’m really not trying to convince you.  I’ll share with you some of the things locals do in the Summer.

Some activities are a given, like going to the beach or pools, clubs, water parks….. Everyone knows that boating is one of our favorite activities, but before you roll your eyes wondering “yeah, but you have to own a boat and I can’t deal with the maintenance”.  Did you know that you don’t have to own a boat either, there are nautical clubs that will rent them?  Here’s a quick water skiing video I pulled together last weekend.


Funny enough, it was our colleague and dear friend from Colorado, Mariana Wagner, that suggested I write about Miami Summer Activities and Vacations. So I’ll keep sharing bits and pieces of our Miami Summers. (maybe so she can live vicariously through us) 🙂

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Let us know what we’ve missed or things that you like or would like to do – there possibilities are endless!

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4 thoughts on “What do Miamiams do in the Summer?

  1. It doesn’t get any better than the fantastic theme from Miami’s very own Vice show.

    But I WAS expecting to see Crockett and Tubbs showing off their own slalom moves !!

  2. Hey Keith – Rick on Slalom is much better than Crockett and Tubbs…come on!! : )

    and about the restaurant – tell us which one(s) – we want to know what “miamians” like.

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