Happy Halloween

In addition to your fun Halloween contributions, I found some great links to Halloween related articles that I just HAD to share with you.

Laurie Manny, my favorite Long Beach Realtor, wrote a fabulous post about Halloween History and included great resources including crafts, foods and  party ideas – HALLOWEEN History and Resources.

Diane Aurit, from Lake Norman, gives us a little personal touch on Halloween – Lake Norman gets pretty spooky on Halloween! Newly Updated!

Joe and Rudy from Sellsius make me laugh every time (don’t miss the comments) – Halloween House of Pumpkins

Maureen Francis from MIOaklandCounty says Happy Halloween.

Gena Riede gives us the scoop on Halloween Happenings in Sacramento, CaliforniaWhat’s Happening on Halloween in Sacramento?

Alesh, from Critical Miami tells us about a North Miami Library MysteryThe Haloween library pumpkin letters

Teresa Boardman from St.PaulRealEstateBlog gives us the results of the virtual Pumpkin Carving contest (the winner is a hoot!) – Halloween

Rhonda Porter from Rain City Guide, gives us a mortgage twist – The Mortgage Witch Hunt

Here are the photos sent to Miamism:

bob_pollaroid.jpg cripps.jpg

jennifer_wilson_pollaroid_2.jpg jennifer_wilson_pollaroid_one.jpg

melissa_Kruse_pollaroid.jpg coldwell_banker_zombies.jpg

jugo_and_toto.jpg nick_with_pumpkin.jpg

Have a safe Halloween Everyone!!! and thanks for sending such great Hallowisms!

If you are selling your home and have Halloween decorations up – don’t forget to take them down quickly! – read When are Holiday Decorations Too Much?

**UPDATE** The Halloween Candy must have gotten to my head because I missed the most adorable Halloween Picture ever!  Sent in by Kristal Kraft from Denver Dwellings– and in her own words

“Did you know Dracula is a Cowboy? My Grandson had a ball yesterday at Horse Halloween. He never stopped smiling while he rode the pony”.

Thanks KK!


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